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Your Adventure Awaits…

Who Are We?

The Colonial Navy is dedicated to bringing America's love of sail back to life.

Colonial Navy Inc. is a 501-C-3 tax-exempt, non-profit corporation accepting donations, contributions, and grants toward our program of building up to 14 copies of historic square-rigged ships, and operating them in an extensive year-round program of one-week adventure sail-training cruises to historic seaports around North America and the Caribbean for interested people aged 8 to 80. After operations have generated sufficient surplus cash, scholarships will be made available to those who need them.

Our historically authentic wooden vessels will also be available for re-enactors, port visits & festivals, historical organizations, motion pictures, commercials, appearances, corporate training, university extension courses, and special projects and events, especially events planned by Tall Ships America (formerly the American Sail Training Association).

We value your privacy and do not sell or distribute personal information. You can read more on our Cookie Policy Page.