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How You Can Sail on the Ships

The ships will typically cruise for the better part of a week at a time (Sunday to Saturday) for fifty weeks in the year, between Maritime Canada and South America (the other two weeks are for Coast Guard inspections). Unaccompanied trainees must be at least 16 years of age, but accompanied children may, with permission, be as young as 8. There is no upper age limit for people in good health.

  • Trainee for a week. 

    Trainees may sign up for a one-week cruise with no additional commitments or benefits. The initial cost will be about $1600 per person per week, which is competitive with other sail-training operations, although the price will be adjusted upwards to match inflation every year.

  • Guests of Colonial Navy, Inc.

    People may be invited to sail for a week at no charge, but such people will generally be limited to accredited members of the press.

  • Full and Partial Scholarships.

    When Colonial Navy, Inc. has built up a bank account sufficient to underwrite scholarships, trainees from low-income families may be offered full or partial scholarships.

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